CHRONICLE / WCVB 5: Lady Di: Provincetown's Sweetheart

June 26, 2015:  Director Alan Chebot featured on Chronicle's Indie Showcase. Anthony says, "With us now, filmmaker Alan, congratulations first of all on your award at the festival..."  Watch here.

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: The 17th edition of the Cape Cod film event also saw prizes go to French actress-turned-director Melanie Laurent's 'Breathe,' and to the documentaries 'Packed in a Trunk' and 'Outermost Radio.'

June 21, 2015:  The 17th Annual Provincetown Film Festival wrapped Sunday, with the HBO Audience Award for the most popular narrative feature going to... Read more.

LIP TV: Director Alan Chebot lounges with Sarah Lyons

June 21, 2015:  #WOMR #OutermostRadio Director Alan Chebot #ptownfilm Lounges with Sarah Lyons #LIPTV @LandsEndInn. Watch here.

90.9 WBUR, BOSTON'S NPR NEWS STATION: Local Filmmaker Spotlights WOMR, Provincetown’s Fiercely Independent Radio Station

June 19, 2015:  The tip of Cape Cod explodes to life in summer, and this week filmmakers have descended on P-town for the 17th Provincetown International Film Festival. Hitting the big screen Sunday is “Outermost Radio,” a new documentary about WOMR, the town’s fiercely independent, non-profit community radio station. In the film’s opening, Boston director Alan Chebot flashes back in time to his childhood with home movie footage and his voiceover. “Hi there. I’m your filmmaker,” he says... Read more.


June 19, 2015:  From the outside, Provincetown, Massachusetts, way out there on the eastern tip of Cape Cod, can seem like a mellow artists’ colony, an isolated outpost for aging hippies, freaks and outsiders of all stripes, a place that at heart has a deep tolerance and appreciation for weirdos and outcasts and freethinkers. And y’know, that’s pretty much exactly what it is — a community made up of people who’ve consciously chosen to step as far away from the dominant culture as possible in order to live as they please. Read more.


June 18, 2015:  In 2008, filmmaker Alan Chebot stumbled on nonprofit community radio station WOMR while driving from Boston to his home on Cape Cod. Every Friday night, Lady Di’s show “Leggs Up and Dancing” would hit the air and Alan wondered, “What’s up with this kitschy off tune sing-along party? Who is this Lady Di?” Read more.

PROVINCETOWN MAGAZINE: A Few Films to Check Out at the Provincetown International Film Festival

June 17, 2015:  This year's Provincetown International Film Festival features over 25 fiction features, 23 documentary features, and a plethora of short films from around the world. Such a smorgasbord of stories is made all the more difficult to navigate when you realize that many of these films will only be shown in our area this week, so if you miss it, you may be hard pressed to find it somewhere else, even in the much lauded age of the streaming options. Read more. 


June 17, 2015:  It's a beautiful week to head down to P-Town and its 17th annual International Film Festival (PIFF) which opens Thursday June 18 and runs for four days through Sunday June 21! A pal of mine Boston-based director Alan Chebot is showing his first independently produced feature-length documentary OUTERMOST RADIO/The Film takes you into the colorful inner sanctum of one of the foremost outposts of free musical expression in these United States: radio station WOMR 92.1 FM on the dial. Read more.

THE BOSTON GLOBE: In praise of unsung musical heroes

June 13, 2015:  It seems as though every filmmaker has made a documentary about music, and there are so many outstanding examples that they deserve their own genre. Alan Chebot, proprietor since 1988 of the Allston studio Parallax Productions, has made his share, including "Song for New Orleans" (2006), about the struggle to resurrect that city's music scene after Hurricane Katrina, and this year's "Outermost Radio," about the noteworthy Provincetown radio station WOMR... Read more.


June 4, 2015:  Alan chats live on WOMR with the host of Arts Week, Jeannette de Beauvoir. Listen here.

cape cod times: Documentary hails WOMR in Provincetown

April 16, 2015:  A fascination with a volunteer disc jockey's show "Leggs Up and Dancing with Lady Di" prompted a Boston-based documentary filmmaker to turn his attention from world events to WOMR's small studio on Commercial Street. Read more.


April 6, 2015:  Alan chats live with WOMR's Ira Wood on The Lowdown. Listen here.

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